Flourish - Online Course
Flourish - Online Course
Flourish - Online Course
Flourish - Online Course
Flourish - Online Course
Flourish - Online Course

Flourish - Online Course

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About Flourish:
We have been invited to partake of the fullness of life which Jesus Christ laid ahold of for us! Come and be equipped in your spirit, soul and body to walk into all God has for you. Every day, for 30 days, I will teach you how to live in never-ending hope, joy and peace and along with my friends, give you the tools to walk in health and to flourish in every area of your being. Research shows that it takes 30 days to form a new habit so we are going to set aside that time to implement healthy practices in every area of our lives that will see us flourish into the future.

You are a gift to your family, city and the nations so it is imperative for you to live in completeness and wholeness; arising and shining in the earth, advancing the Kingdom in love and power. Let’s flourish, walk in fullness of life together and take on 2021 arising and shining! 

By registering today you will receive exclusive access to a private Facebook group and online community with daily content including videos, prophetic words, meditations, Scripture, song, recipes and motivation for optimum life!

Move into the promises of God for your life and set yourself up for success in 2021.

My guest speakers are thriving, flourishing, burning with the love and fire of God and are passionate about equipping you for life and life abundantly!

Course dates: Saturday 16 Jan - Sunday 14 February
Cost: $45.00 (AUD)

What you will need for the course:

  • An active Facebook account
  • A journal and pen

How it works:
Once you have registered for the course you will be sent an email with a link to a private Facebook group, the next business day. Request to join the group and you will be added. Please ensure the name you register with corresponds with your Facebook name. So if you use a pseudo name online, please register with it as it appears on your Facebook account.

Please supply your email address when registering so we can send you a confirmation email and contact you easily if there are any issues adding you to the Facebook group.

If you are purchasing Flourish as a gift for a friend, please be sure to register using their email address and name as it appears on their Facebook profile.

I hope you can join us!

With love and great hope for the future!
Sarah and friends

Course Schedule*
Day 1: Live Masterclass ~ Flourish welcome video with Sarah Cheesman + Focus & How to Journal
Day 2: Forgetting what is behind
Day 3: Forgiveness
Day 4: Freedom from Fear
Day 5: Exposing Lies
Day 6: Communion
Day 7: Forging Ahead

Day 8: Live Masterclass ~ Physical Health with Rebecca Megan
Day 9: How to hear the voice of God part 1
Day 10: How to hear the voice of God part 2
Day 11: Cultivating a prophetic lifestyle
Day 12: Abiding in His presence
Day 13: The Place of Prayer
Day 14: The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Day 15: Live Masterclass ~ Spiritual Health with Sarah Cheesman
Day 16: Setting My Mind on Things Above
Day 17: Who am I? Part 1
Day 18: Who am I? Part 2
Day 19: Managing My Emotions
Day 20: Decision Making - What to do when I don’t know what to do
Day 21: Living in Perfect Peace

Day 22: Live Masterclass ~ Soul Health with Aaron Damianopoulos
Day 23: Physical Healing
Day 24: Dreaming with God Part 1
Day 25: Dreaming with God Part 2
Day 26: Goal Setting
Day 27: Daily Declarations
Day 28: Living in Hope
Day 29: Focus on the Promise
Day 30: Live Masterclass ~ Launch into Life with Sarah and Jesse Cheesman

*Course Schedule subject to change

When will daily content be posted?
The course content will be posted daily in the morning Australian Eastern Standard Time.

When will live classes run?
the schedule of live classes will vary slightly in order to cater to a global audience but will be available afterwards as well.