A Merry Heart Can! Word for the U.S.A

AMERICAN! A-merry-heart-can!

I heard these words, “American, a merry heart can!” Immediately I was reminded of Prov. 17:22.

“A merry heart does good, like medicine,
But a broken spirit dries the bones.”
Prov. 17:22

I sense the promise for the United States of America is that He is going to pour out joy in your land. So much so that it will do good like medicine and revive the heart of the land. Not only this, it will revive the collective heart of His people.

I sense that many have felt downtrodden and almost tempted to despair at the current state of the nation BUT joy is being poured out like rain healing hearts and healing the land. Great joy, a manifestation of the kingdom, is coming to invade and lift your heart and head again!

I sense that even as a broken spirit dries the bones (according to Prov. 17:22), that as kingdom joy is released, an army of dry bones will arise. What seems to have looked like failure will be redeemed in joy. As many have found themselves in disappointment, as joy is released as their portion, it will raise an army of joy-filled, hope carriers.

I heard the Father say, “Don’t underestimate the power of joy in this season. Just as my kingdom belongs to children, don’t be fooled into thinking that joy is only child’s play. It is a weapon of war that I am using to wage against failure, hopelessness and despair.”

Expect to see things begin to shift especially in the lead up to Christmas - the celebration of Christ. Where joy is often proclaimed among this season, you will tangibly experience the fullness of joy.


He is pouring out hope! And hope will not disappoint you!

  • Sarah Cheesman
    14 Nov. 2019

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  • Thank you for that encouraging word! I have been feeling so broken from the trials we’ve been going through for almost 14 years with my mother in law. I believe things will change this year and we will have joy again! God bless you!


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