The Happy Prophet Podcast

The Happy Prophet Podcast takes a refreshing look at the prophetic, how it operates, why it’s relevant for today and teaches it’s listeners how to hear the voice of God. Featuring conversations with seasoned and trusted prophets, it offers practical advice as well as biblically based teaching to inspire you to seek out the voice of the Holy Spirit daily. Whether you're seasoned in the prophetic or just beginning your journey, Sarah’s fresh and real perspectives, partnered with her joy in Jesus, makes The Happy Prophet Podcast a must listen for all who are hungry to know the voice of God. 

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Season 2

The Holy Spirit makes God's fatherhood real to us in order that we may prophesy from His heart of love to others out of the place of identity. In doing so, as ambassadors of the Kingdom, we bestow honour on those He calls us to minister to and call them up higher into He says they are. As sons and daughters of the Most High God, hearing His voice is your birthright and joy!

God did extraordinary things in my time in the Kingdom of Tonga; the land of my dreams. The Lord was very clear in my assignment, according to Gen. 1, to release a word of light and life to the land and to the Bride. I’m used to ministering at conferences and being on the prayer line - things I love - but this trip found my feet on the pavement in prayer and meeting with parliamentarians, dignitaries and businessmen and women. Come hear of my adventures in the land of the new day as He opened up opportunities to speak to the nation in more ways than one!

 The longing of the heart of God is towards us. His voice, like the sound of many rushing waters, is beckoning us to come; deeper still, further still. Yield. Let go of control. Surrender. Make room for Him. In this episode Sarah releases a prophetic exhortation to go into to the deep places of God and discover the glory of His face - your soul’s celebration.

Roma Waterman is on the pod this week and it was an absolute dream to have her! If you’re hungry to be found in the place of abiding, this is the episode for you. You’ll learn how to engage with the Spirit of God through the practices of prayer leading to greater stewardship of His presence in your life. Roma is fun, bold, insightful and passionate about the pursuit of Jesus. I could talk to her all day…

The nations belong to the Lord! As his children we have the immense privilege and joy of partnering with him, and one another, to see his kingdom established in us and through us. Prophetic leader, Steven Springer, explains so beautifully how, as ones who have been commanded to steward the earth, we can love the land and release destiny, life and freedom into it with immense glory to follow! Steven is simply wonderful and you’re going to love this episode! 

This is the word I have received from the Lord for 2023. I believe the Father is calling His body to die to self. There is a cutting away of the flesh that He's bringing so that He might be glorified in us and through us. There is a call to the bride to go low as we are met by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. There is a glorious celebration in letting go of all the things He has never called you to be and come out from them and be set apart to the purposes of God, for He is about to come through you!

Oh that we would love Him as He desires to be loved! The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord is being released to His body in this season to enable us to recognise that He is moving in our midst as Christ the Lord. This episode is a celebration of the year that has been and a call to position ourselves in surrender for the magnificent days ahead.

 There's nothing sweeter than His presence. The place of habitation and abiding with the Holy Spirit is your most natural state of being. Learn from Anthony as he shares the value of the presence of God and aligning our lives to the purpose of His face.

The Bible reveals that there are many dimensions to the Holy Spirit’s character, personality, and power. “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.” - Isaiah 11:2

This episode is a masterclass on the seven-fold Spirit of God. Perhaps you’ve heard of this but have a limited understanding as to what it means! That was me before the Lord supernaturally lead me to Keith Miller’s book which subsequently brought about this conversation. I tell the story in the pod!

Join me and special guest Keith Miller as we unpack this wonderful revelation of who the Holy Spirit is and His great desire to move through you and me.

Have you found what you were created for? Recently the Father revealed to me that the desire for one thing (Ps. 27:4), leads us to the discipline of one thing (Luke 10:42) which releases us into our destiny - one thing! (Phil.3:13) And in the most glorious way we find ourselves back at the beginning; simply desiring one thing (Ps. 27:4). This episode will unlock a greater longing in your heart to search out the deep things of God as you discover your purpose, hidden in Christ with God.

The Word of the Lord as released at the Australian Prophetic Summit Sat. 15 Jan. 2022 in Brisbane, Australia. Enjoy, my friends.

What a way to wrap up the pod this year! The Holy Spirit is moving across the earth and it was a joy to celebrate and discuss how He is positioning His body in this season and what He is calling her into. Gemma gives wonderful insight into the move of the Holy Spirit and what it looks like to position yourself according to the word of the Lord. You're going to love her fresh insight, understanding of the ways of God and maturity in the things of the Spirit.

"Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good." 1 Thes. 5:20-21. It is vitally important that as we are activated into hearing the voice of God, we are also activated into weighing the prophetic word spoken. When a word is released to us, we have the precious Holy Spirit, the revealer of mysteries, to guide us and instruct us on how and if we should receieve the word. In this episode I break down how to biblically weigh a prophetic word and empower you to recieve or reject the word as the Holy Spirit instructs you. This is part of us maturing as saints.

Megan is a prophetic songbird who lives with a heart and ear inclined towards His voice. The secret to her sweet melodies - intimacy and friendship. From a traditional Christian background, Megan was awakened to the things of the Spirit and it radically transformed her life. Always singing and writing music, her melodies were set on fire producing life in her and all who listen. Megan is full of wisdom and revelation and the simplicity with which she shares and the power of her testimony will cause you to see and understand the Holy Spirit in ways you haven’t before. Be sure to listen to the end to hear Megan sing and play a spontaneous song over you. What a treat for your day!

"God is a continual encounter." Ooh, this episode will have your heart yearning for the reality of who God desires to be for you personally, daily. Featuring an encounter led by the queen of creativity, sound and movement, Isi de Gersigny, get ready to take a journey into His wild, unbridled heart as you go with Him into uncharted territory. Isi's wisdom and ability to put language to supernatural experiences and ground them in the Word of God will help you understand the ways of the Spirit and unlock a very natural space for you to operate in. Enjoy, this episode is a wild ride! 

God is raising up the Aboriginal, Torres Strait and South Sea Islander voice in this time and it was my upmost joy and honour to host Ada Boland, who is an Aboriginal pastor and prophet. We're better together and Ada's passion for the Bride of Christ is evident as she is adding her voice to the proclamation of revival in the earth. You will love her humility and childlike joy as she explains the significance of the voices of the land in this hour.

In this hour the earth is desperate for the saints to take up their authority in prayer. We have the answer to every physical, emotional and spiritual need of humanity through the word of God, on our tongue, that is effective to pull down enemy strongholds and establish His kingdom. If you want to learn how or need some encouragement to keep going, this is the episode for you. When we look at current events, quite frankly, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Be infused with courage as you listen today.

 If you need a big batch of encouragement and insight on this season, this episode is for you. Lift your eyes, dear heart, there is an increase in power and authority coming for you as you lift your eyes and remained fiercely focused on Him. Join me as I pray and prophesy over you and this season.

The call to intimacy is our highest privilege and priority. It fuels our mandate and is where we receive power to be witnesses and workers of the Gospel wherever we go. Join Sarah as she brings practical wisdom and insight that will ensure you run the race set before you well and remain true to the call of God and assignment on your life.

We’re all called to fulfill the great commission. As every-day saints equipped with the five-fold graces, the outworking of prophetic has a major role to play in the reaching of the multitudes and discipling of nations. Join me as I chat with a personal hero of mine and world-renowned prophet, Cindy Jacobs. 

Freedom is the hallmark of a happy prophet. We don't just experience a moment of freedom, we inhabit it. We must occupy that territory in our own lives so we can usher others into it and breakthrough for our neighbourhoods, cities and nations.

God desires to inspire courageous faith in you. Through partnership with Him, He has invited us into victory to see everyday impossibilities shift and mountains move by faith. "Not one promise from God is empty of power. Nothing is impossible with God!” Luke 1:37 TPT

We are living in unprecedented days.

While the nations are in unrest, Jesus Christ is still the answer. The Holy Spirit is moving in our midst and it is a joy, as prophets, to look into the realms of the spirit and discern what He is doing in this time. Join me and Larry Sparks as we delve into all things revival!

Every believer is called to be house of prayer for the nations. We have been given authority to shift and align the kingdoms of this earth with the Kingdom of God through prayer and intercession. Cheryl Lindley absolutely lays out intercession in this episode and will equip you take up your position in the advancing army to see Jesus name glorified in every nation, tribe and tongue.

May we grow up into the healthy heart and soul that Jesus intended for us. And may we minister to the Lord and others in maturity, integrity and hope.
Here’s a fresh episode for your fresh Friday featuring my favourite friend Katherine Ruonala.

It's a coming of age for the pod and episode 1 of our fresh, new season, We, The Saints, is launching us into it. Join me as we unpack the word of the Lord for the year and tell testimony of His splendour. I sense there is also a coming of age the bride of Christ and the podcast is reflecting this. We have learned the basics, now it’s time to forge ahead, stepping out with God strategies to bring about reformation in the earth. This is our awakening. 

Season 1 is available here.