Prophetic Words

  • Tonga - There’s a new day for the land of the new day.

    “All eyes on you.” And just as the volcanic eruption brought you to the attention of the world, my Spirit will move like wildfire throughout your lands, all eyes will be on you as you again come forth to lead in this move of God.
  • Revival Houses Arising

    I saw houses and communities bursting up from the ground like flames of fire across Australia. They will house revival fires and bring forth revival communities through life on life discipleship. I saw hearts and families drawn together as the Father pours out His Spirit on all flesh; young and old (Acts 2:17-21). 
  • To Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: "It's time to dream again!"

    I see the Lord bringing forth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, entrepreneurs and inventors. He’s raising up artists, poets and musicians who will capture His heart and sound of the land. As it’s released it will bring healing and great hope for the people.
  • I Have Decided

    His holiness changes us. His holiness shapes the way we operate and spend our time. His holiness infiltrates our homes and churches and it can no longer be business as usual.
  • 2021 - 2022: A Coming of Age

    This year, I sense, is a coming of age for us, the bride of Christ. Just like turning 21 marks adulthood, I sense that 2021 (and 2022) is going to see the sons and daughters of God grow up into a place of maturity and understanding. There is going to be a recognition that “the kingdom of Heaven is at hand” (Matt. 4:17) and through identity, sons and daughters will take ahold of it and move in authority, love and power in ways we haven’t known before.
  • "HEROES OF THE DAY, COME FORTH!" - Prophetic Dream

    As I awoke, I heard the Father say, "I am calling the Bride to arise into this new era, as heroes of the day. An army moving forth in love and unity, called to usher in my Kingdom. Heroes of the Day, come forth!"

    I gave birth to Otis on Wednesday this week at 12:34pm (1234). The name Otis means keen of hearing. I felt the Lord say, “I desire to bring alignment through those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. They will receive the insights and strategies of God to release the kingdom in the earth."
  • The Awe and Wonder of His Voice

    I heard the Lord say, “I’m re-establishing the awe and wonder of my voice. I’m re-establishing the weightiness of my words being revealed to your ...
  • An Infusion of Truth Like Iron for Your Soul

    “I am infusing my people with the iron of my truth in this season. I am leading many into truth that will set them free and it’s going to become like iron fortified within their belief systems and ways of thinking.”

  • "Come, Let Me Love You" - An Infusion of Hope for Hearts

    "There is much joy and hope available for you." He is ready and willing to minister to the parts of you that feel broken, confused and even angry. I hear him say, “I am not afraid of your questions. I am not intimated by the outcome of your situation or what you may be facing because of it. Let me into your process. I’m not concerned about your honesty or emotions. I want to help you. Let me in. I want to show you where I was in the midst of your difficult situation and stress. I held you in your fatigue and carried you in your loneliness. Let me love you today. Let me reveal my goodness to you through all this and you will come out reminded of your victory and the glorious days ahead!”
  • “Spring forward! I am watering the seeds of destiny over your life!”

    There is a fresh sound He’s releasing through you in the earth. Don’t be silenced, don’t be masked in the Spirit. Raise your voice - it’s still the Decade of Declaration! Nations will come; kings and priests will come to the brightness of your rising.
  • Miracles Await

    “It is my desire that your life embodies the fulfilment and fullness of all that my blood has paid for. Pursue this reality. Take ahold of it by faith and come into agreement with your mouth to boldly, declare and believe and see my kingdom established wherever you go!”