Prophetic Words

  • The Awe and Wonder of His Voice

    I heard the Lord say, “I’m re-establishing the awe and wonder of my voice. I’m re-establishing the weightiness of my words being revealed to your ...
  • An Infusion of Truth Like Iron for Your Soul

    “I am infusing my people with the iron of my truth in this season. I am leading many into truth that will set them free and it’s going to become like iron fortified within their belief systems and ways of thinking.”

  • "Come, Let Me Love You" - An Infusion of Hope for Hearts

    "There is much joy and hope available for you." He is ready and willing to minister to the parts of you that feel broken, confused and even angry. I hear him say, “I am not afraid of your questions. I am not intimated by the outcome of your situation or what you may be facing because of it. Let me into your process. I’m not concerned about your honesty or emotions. I want to help you. Let me in. I want to show you where I was in the midst of your difficult situation and stress. I held you in your fatigue and carried you in your loneliness. Let me love you today. Let me reveal my goodness to you through all this and you will come out reminded of your victory and the glorious days ahead!”
  • “Spring forward! I am watering the seeds of destiny over your life!”

    There is a fresh sound He’s releasing through you in the earth. Don’t be silenced, don’t be masked in the Spirit. Raise your voice - it’s still the Decade of Declaration! Nations will come; kings and priests will come to the brightness of your rising.
  • Miracles Await

    “It is my desire that your life embodies the fulfilment and fullness of all that my blood has paid for. Pursue this reality. Take ahold of it by faith and come into agreement with your mouth to boldly, declare and believe and see my kingdom established wherever you go!”
  • Word of Encouragement - He's Better than We've Ever Imagined

    “I want you to experience the reality of who I am in this season. I truly am the only one who can satisfy the deepest needs of your heart. Draw near to me and I will draw near to you (James 4:8).
  • Reclaim The Nightlife

    “Come away with me in the night. I want to own your night hours and reclaim your night life. Seize the day by giving me your night. Let your evenings be drenched in my love and may your sleep be filled with the knowledge of my glory.”
  • The God of the Turnaround

    “Remember who you are! You are not an orphan but I have brought you into my home and called you my own. Rule and reign using your authority in this season. Do not be complacent but advance. I am inviting you into the turnaround this day and will do exceedingly, abundantly beyond all you can ask, hope or imagine according to my power at work in you (Eph. 3:20). Only believe!"
  • Gold Coast, Australia - A Word of Encouragement

    “And even as you welcome many guests into your city, as you continue to welcome my presence, I will abide with you,” says the Lord. “I will come and inhabit your territory and terrain. I will come, I will stay and I will make my home with you.”
  • God, What Are You Saying About Covid-19 Today?

    Father, what are you saying about Covid-19 right now?
    "It is not from me. I am not the author of death. I came to give you life and life more abundantly. Anything else is a contradiction to my nature and character. I am not a man that I should lie nor am I unstable in my ways.
  • He Is Making Everything Beautiful In Its Time - A Word of Encouragement for the Close of 2019

    I sense that there are some today who feel as though what they produced for the Father this year, in 2019, didn’t have the original, desired outcome. Perhaps things didn’t go exactly the way you planned and the end picture has resulted in things just not coming together the way you thought they would.

    Be encouraged!
  • A Merry Heart Can! Word for the U.S.A

    AMERICAN! A-merry-heart-can! I heard these words, “American, a merry heart can!” Immediately I was reminded of Prov. 17:22. “A merry heart does goo...