Prophetic Words

  • "HEROES OF THE DAY, COME FORTH!" - Prophetic Dream

    As I awoke, I heard the Father say, "I am calling the Bride to arise into this new era, as heroes of the day. An army moving forth in love and unity, called to usher in my Kingdom. Heroes of the Day, come forth!"
  • The Awe and Wonder of His Voice

    I heard the Lord say, “I’m re-establishing the awe and wonder of my voice. I’m re-establishing the weightiness of my words being revealed to your ...
  • “Spring forward! I am watering the seeds of destiny over your life!”

    There is a fresh sound He’s releasing through you in the earth. Don’t be silenced, don’t be masked in the Spirit. Raise your voice - it’s still the Decade of Declaration! Nations will come; kings and priests will come to the brightness of your rising.