The Awe and Wonder of His Voice

I heard the Lord say, “I’m re-establishing the awe and wonder of my voice. I’m re-establishing the weightiness of my words being revealed to your hearts and spoken on your lips.”

I feel like He’s bringing a fear of the Lord when it comes to His voice and the great privilege and honour it is to speak on His behalf. Father, we don’t take it lightly! We ask that the prophetic ministry would be known for lovers of your voice who carry the spirit of the fear of the Lord; to love what you love and hate what you hate. To flee from evil and hold fast to what is good. Who walk with purity and in uprightness before you.

I saw a picture of people on their knees with their hands cupped together receiving liquid gold and treating His voice with such care to not spill or miss a drop. Then I saw them bringing their hands to their mouths and drinking of this liquid gold, drinking of this liquid glory and I feel like it’s the beauty of His voice, the sound of His words, His kind instruction, the wisdom that comes from God and He’s releasing it to His bride in this season. As that pure, unadulterated word of God, refined gold, is received and consumed, it’s transforming us. Utterly. Every part of us; body, soul and spirit. I hear Him saying, “It’s my voice that awakens you. It’s my voice that calls you forth. It’s my voice that knows and calls you by name.”

We thank you for that Father and we partake of your rhema (spoken) word. We give you praise for your logos, you written word, and we partake of your spoken word. I release a pure outpouring of your liquid gold to your bride. We ask Holy Spirit, that we would treat your voice as holy. In our desire to hear your voice and even in our communities where we’re familiar with it, we don’t take it lightly and we refuse to treat it as common. We re-affirm the value of your voice. We treat it as gold, we treat it as gold.

In response I heard Him say, “If you understood the weight of my word, the weight of glory, the weight of gold on my voice, you’d be quick to obey. You’d be quick to say everything I have to say. You wouldn’t run from my voice or my instruction but you’d run towards it. As you run towards the sound of my voice you invite others to do the same. And kings are priests will come, nations will come to the brightness of your rising (Is. 60:3). As my liquid gold is perfected in you, as I’m formed in you and find an abiding place in you, many will be drawn to the sound of my voice released through you.”

We receive it God; we receive the fire of your voice.

“It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matt. 4:4 (ESV).

- Sarah Cheesman
Released at Prophetic Community Gathering, Glory City Church 13/10/2020

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