Tonga - There’s a new day for the land of the new day.

As your borders were again opened on the first of August - the eighth month (Biblically the numbers one and eight speak of a new beginning), I saw Jesus moving throughout your land, turning over tables in furious love. I saw the grip of religion being broken as the fire of the Lord burned throughout your islands and shoals. The bondage that has kept you in a holding pattern is being released as you take ahold of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit by faith.

You are strategic in this move of God. I saw you as an anchor in the ocean and hear the Lord say, “Don’t downplay your role in grounding the move of God that other nations will attach to for surety and stability.” I then saw you as the final runner in a relay race, also known as an anchor, and sensed the Father’s promise to you is that if you take up the baton and run with the move of God to see it cross the line in victory, it will be established in all the earth.

It is your time! “So wake up, you living gateways! Lift up your heads, you doorways of eternity! Welcome the King of Glory, for he is about to come through you.” Ps. 24:7 TPT His promise is that you will usher in the glory of the Lord. The last shall be first and although you may be considered the ends of the earth, the Lord says, “You are the beginning, the new day and this is your awakening.”

“All eyes on you.” And just as the volcanic eruption brought you to the attention of the world, my Spirit will move like wildfire throughout your lands, all eyes will be on you as you again come forth to lead in this move of God.

I sense that there will be mighty works carried out in your land and was encouraged that you will NOT be like the cities that Jesus denounced in Matthew 11. Indeed, a great repentance will come as the power of the Holy Spirit is displayed among you.

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