Prophetic Words

  • Revival Houses Arising

    I saw houses and communities bursting up from the ground like flames of fire across Australia. They will house revival fires and bring forth revival communities through life on life discipleship. I saw hearts and families drawn together as the Father pours out His Spirit on all flesh; young and old (Acts 2:17-21). 

    I gave birth to Otis on Wednesday this week at 12:34pm (1234). The name Otis means keen of hearing. I felt the Lord say, “I desire to bring alignment through those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. They will receive the insights and strategies of God to release the kingdom in the earth."
  • Here Comes The King

    Yesterday I saw a sign advertising the new Lion King movie that read, “Here Comes The King.” Along with the statement was imagery of a lion’s paw p...
  • To the Church in Australia: This Is Not Your Final Hour BUT Your Finest Hour!

    I released this prophetic word at Glory City Church on Sunday 17 March, 2019 and sense it is significant for the Bride of Christ in this hour. “Thi...