Here Comes The King

Yesterday I saw a sign advertising the new Lion King movie that read, “Here Comes The King.” Along with the statement was imagery of a lion’s paw print. When I saw the billboard I immediately heard the Father declare, “I’m coming!”
I sense that there is a call to intimacy that has been released in the earth this season. Many are responding and have been crying out to know God in greater measures and to carry His fire! His promise to you today is that indeed, He is coming! (James 4:8). Just like a paw print I saw him marking you with His glory in this season.
You will experience and carry the fire of God in greater measure! And as you cry out for His presence, He can’t help but respond to the cry of His people. You’ll never be the same and generations will be different because of you.
There are many who have been waiting for breakthrough in a particular area and have felt the desperation for change and the wait of longing. But again I hear the Father say, “I’m coming!” He is the answer you’ve been waiting for and behold He is going to break through for you in this season. His paw prints, as it were, are going to be all over your situation and He loves to move things in your favour.

The Church - His Strategy in the Earth
I sense that the intimacy He is calling individuals to in this hour is going to equip the Bride as a whole to move in greater dimensions of love and power. “My Queen is my strategy in the earth.” I sense the glory of God is moving through His bride to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). It’s time to arise and shine in this hour as the glory of the Lord rises upon you! (Isaiah 60:1). He’s coming to you and He wants to come through you to touch your family, your community and your city. I hear Him say, “My bride isn’t an afterthought or my plan B, she has always been my first love and my greatest joy. And as your are changed by love and purified by my Father, my holiness will set you apart and set you up for success among the nations. My name will be great as my word is proclaimed to every people. Don’t see yourselves as grasshoppers any longer (Num. 13:33) as my glory will equip you with answers and solutions for nations.”

Here Comes the Kingdom
Intimacy with the king will give birth to the increase of the kingdom in the earth! I saw a picture of the high water mark increasing and rivers bursting their banks within us, enabling the tide of the Holy Spirit to increase in the earth! Every river has a mouth including the river inside you, released by your voice.
“It’s time to raise your voice and release the kingdom all around you - leave no stone unturned. I have given you the authority of my kingdom. Release the river inside of you to see situations change.”
I sense He wants to remind His body who He is in this hour! As we encounter him in the secret place it will release the awe and wonder of God. Get ready, get ready, get ready! Position, position, position! He is aligning you with His presence and His power and the bride will continue to advance in the earth in great wisdom and love.
And just as you would make preparations to host royalty in the natural, make preparations to host Him in this season. Do whatever it takes to prepare a place and wait for Him. The King is coming.

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