Australia - It's Time to Engage

In prayer I saw a picture of pillars on the seashore being battered again and again by the waves. The constant waves were beginning to erode the pillars. I then saw people hurrying with sandbags to do all they could to try and protect the pillars and keep the waves from crashing into them.

I sensed that the pillars represent the Judeo-Christian heritage of Australia and the people of God were doing all the good to protect what remained. And although there was a measure of some success the waves were too much for the sand bags.

I then saw the people being elevated above the waves and was reminded of Mark 4:39 where Jesus rebuked the storm and spoke to the wind and the waves. The people began to declare “Peace be still, peace be still, peace be still to the storm.”

I was then reminded of Nehemiah where the people were called to rebuild the wall and they had a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other (Nehemiah 4:17). God is calling us to engage in how He would have you build the kingdom in this hour but there’s also a call to war and to raise your voice and declare, “Peace be still!”

In light of this word, I encourage you to ask how the Holy Spirit would have you engage to advance the kingdom. What would he have you put your hand to? This is the church finest hour, not her final hour. It is time to rise up!

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