Here’s To The Dreamers

This week I have felt personally challenged to dream with God far beyond all I have previously asked, hoped or imagined. I heard Him say, “I want to make the intangible, tangible.”

Heb. 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” He’s expanding faith and realms of possibility to us as we believe like little children. 

I sense there’s an invitation to believe again and again and to passionately pursue the promises of God over our lives and even to receive more! It’s the season for dreaming BIG dreams!

“Bold faith stands on the shoulders of quiet trust.” Bill Johnson. As we’re rooted and established in His love for us, He is enabling us to trust and simply receive all He has for us. “The Kingdom is child’s play.”

I sensed that some may feel apprehensive in this and heard Him say, “I’m breaking fear of disappointment and fear of the future itself!” He’s releasing perfect love that will heal every part of your heart that’s been let down in the past and causing you to look to the horizon with great anticipation.

Ps. 23:4 TPT “Fear will not conquer me for you already have.”

I feel there are some who have being living in realms of disappointment and even depression but it is cut off in Jesus name. I declare that you wake up happy!

“I long for you to rejoice at the days to come. Your days were not designed to be filled with despair but overflowing with my zoe life. To know me is to know joy and freedom.“

“What does it look like to be totally free? Come on adventure with me, little one, and you’ll see!
I’ll show you, little one, just the way you should walk. Not confined by the world’s limitations or talk.
You were made for more than the sidelines of gloom, look up, little one, see the stars, the bright moon!
Take my hand, little one, your adventure awaits, barefoot beauty and reckless abandon is yours to embrace.
Come run, little one, your faster than before, with clear eyes, a full heart, let me lead you to more.
You’re doing it now, you’re beginning to soar, little one it’s my love that leads you abroad, let me be the one who strengthens and sustains your course, that teaches you to fly without any remorse.
I promise to bring good to all you desire, look at me little one, let my eyes lead you with fire.”

I encourage you to take time in the next day or two to let the Father minister to any part of your heart that has felt disappointment and fill you with hope. Listen to his voice and ask him to expose any lies you’ve been believing about your future. You were created to know freedom, truth and victorious living!

I also encourage you to ask the Father what else He’d like to release to you through faith. If it’s a season for dreamers than let’s dream along with Him!

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