Sons and Daughters in Surrender

12 weeks ago, the night before I gave birth to our son Harry, the Holy Spirit asked me the following question and I felt prompted to share it with you:

“What would it look like for you to be totally reliant on me for everything; Not just the things you need help in but the areas you feel confident and capable and that are achievable in your own strength?”

The Father is our ever-present help in time of need and, "Holy Spirit help!" is one of my favourite and most frequent prayers. The reality is that Jesus lived as a man totally dependent on the Holy Spirit, just as children are entirely dependent on their parents, and I am good at relying on Him.

However I was challenged by His question to rely on Him in my areas of strength. In the things that feel like second nature and don't require a whole lot of thought. To "in all my ways acknowledge him" and invite his supernatural strength and reliance into every area, task or goal; difficult or not.

The results have been outstanding! There's so much grace and ease in these areas and as I begin to practise asking for help, in my areas of strength, I'm continually reminded that His ways are higher!

I encourage you to let the help of the Holy Spirit into every area of your life. His strength is made perfect in weakness and as you surrender in areas of capability you'll be amazed at the way HIs "higher ways" work out for your good...again and again.

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