Who Will Rise Up?

Just yesterday the state of New York passed extreme abortion laws allowing termination up until birth and even adding it to their constitution! It also allows procedures to be performed by non-physicians. This is beyond comprehension. Not only is the life of a preborn baby at risk but so is their mother’s.

It’s time to rise up! This battle will not be won in the natural but in the heavenlies. The move of God in this generation (everyone alive today) has begun and the enemy is so afraid of sons and daughters being all they are created to be in the earth. Why do you think the identity of individuals is so hotly contested for? Homosexuality, suicide and abortion all rob individuals of their identity and destiny.

Sons and daughters, it’s time to rise up in the Spirit and declare His kingdom come and will done on earth as it is in heaven!

It’s time to rise up in the natural. It’s not okay to passively enjoy your religious freedom in silence when you have the answer to abundant life. Fatherlessness abounds and we know the way to the perfect Father! He is the answer the world is so desperately searching for.

I was driving through Brisbane last night and my heart began to break for His lost ones. As I looked around at the cars moving by I began to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of them and all the people (families, friends, neighbours, workplaces) they represented. Immediately, through my tears, I heard Jesus say, “I died once for ALL. My blood is enough!”

It’s time to believe the blood! Jesus Christ is the answer the world is searching for. There is power in His blood to rescue every heart. He is the hope of glory within you and He wants out!

It’s time to rise up in your true identity. It’s time to rise up and be a voice for righteousness and justice. It’s time to rise up because you no longer live for you. It’s time to rise up and proclaim, “Jesus is King!” It’s time to rise up until every man, woman and child know His name. Rise up!

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