Season 1


God is restoring the awe and wonder of His voice in this season. Join Sarah as she teaches how we can position ourselves to be expectant to hear from Him daily while maintaining a posture of reverence for the holiness of His voice.

Sarah also launches her first online course - Flourish. Have a listen for all the info!

The advancement of the Kingdom is for the good of the multitudes - when the Kingdom expands, everybody benefits. In this episode Christy Johnston beautifully explains how, as sons and daughters, we've been commissioned to partner with heaven in the earth to release His strategies and solutions that are effective for Kingdom change. The Father has the answer to every problem, no matter how big or small. Whenever there's no way, He makes a way. It's in His very nature to solve problems and move supernaturally on our behalf. Christy teaches us how to receive these answers and release them in the earth for measurable change. She also explains our role in the place of prayer and those who are called to carry His heart and execute justice in the earth.

Lana Vawser is well versed in the things of the prophetic and hearing the voice of God. However it’s her childlike faith and humility that keeps her in a place of stewardship and intentionality of receiving from God. In this episode she gives practical advice around receiving, building and releasing a prophetic word as well as being faithful to the prophetic words He’s given her to steward personally.

Lana’s insight into this current season and where we are at as the Body of Christ is profound and will encourage you in your own understanding of how He is positioning you in this new era.

Cultivating a lifestyle of daily encounters with the presence of God changes us. As we are found in His presence, we are changed by the man Jesus Christ and it brings life and peace to all we encounter.

In this episode Ps. Bill Johnson shares how building a lifestyle of fellowship with the Holy Spirit is imperative for to bring kingdom transformation to the earth. Fixing our minds on the Word of God and on things above allows the truth to mould and change the way we think until our response defaults to how heaven operates.

This episode also features really wonderful and practical tips regarding the implementation of healthy prophetic culture into local church communities and how, as leaders, we can create a shared value for the prophetic in the Body of Christ. Get comfortable and enjoy the rich wisdom and love that flows from Ps. Bill as he speaks. He really is just the best!

This episode is so much fun. Jodie is bursting with wisdom and life and out of her own personal battle and triumph, has discovered the power of the decree. 

This Aussie Prophet is real, life-giving and carries a great authority to shift things in the Spirit using the power of her words. Jodie teaches us how to engage with the promises of God to see them released in the earth.

Cathi Mole is a kindred spirit! She loves the voice of a God and believes that people whose ears are inclined towards a good Father, should hear wonderful outcomes to release to the earth. Join us as we unpack this revelation as well as connecting to the heart of a God so our prophetic words are marked by His character and nature.

Hosting the presence as individuals is powerful and necessary for life with God. But how do we take that a step further and build communities of lovers of God who host His presence collectively? Maria Mason is a lover of people, community and cultures. As a prophet and student of culture, she seeks to build communities of whole hearts who have encountered the transformative power of the love of God that will impact the nations with the power and glory of God!

“I don’t hope because of what I see. I hope because of who He is to me."

This conversation is as deep as it is wide. Hayley is a lover of Jesus and her depth of wisdom and understanding about the truths found in the Word are enlightening, liberating and provoking. You will be moved, invigorated and full of joy listening to her. And even beyond that - instilled with hope to propel forward into for the remainder of the year!

This conversation about the book of Isaiah will blow your mind! The depth of revelation and understanding that Isaiah walked in gives us insight into the heart of how much the Father longs for His children and leads us to the man of fire, Jesus Christ himself. You’re going to love it!

Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator of The Passion Translation, is a sold out lover of Jesus. His resolute commitment to seeing the Word of God released across the earth is producing much fruit among the nations. 

Discerning the times and seasons is part of Patricia King's mandate. In this episode she so eloquently breaks down the new era we've moved into, the signs we can expect to see in the earth and the good things God has in store for His people. She is dripping in wisdom, insight and strategy for the current days and will encourage you to partner with all God is doing in the earth. She's lots of fun as well and is a happy prophet, indeed!

     “Do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19

The breaking of bread and drinking of the cup in remembrance of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection is a prophetic act of worship, warfare and proclamation. It heals, restores, breakthroughs and aligns. Join me in this stunning conversation with Beni Johnson who lays out the power of the cross, all it has paid for and the gift of eternal life it offers to sons and daughters.

Emma Stark is fearless and full of faith. You'll be captured by her wonderful storytelling, deep wisdom and absolute joy in the the Holy Spirit. In this episode you will learn to grow in boldness and find your courageous voice in the prophetic. Emma's pursuit of the pure, unadulterated voice of God has ensured friendship with Him as she prophesies out of immense love and authority.