You're The Voice - Online Course

ONLINE COURSE: You're the Voice! I sense the Holy Spirit inviting us to move into the fullness of our upward calling in Christ. Often when we receive a prophetic calling over our lives it can seem aloof or beyond us but I feel it is time for you to take ahold of it today!

It's time to release your roar! This is your invitation to join me for an online, 8 week course, designed to help you discover your prophetic voice. I'd love to teach you how to, as a prophetic person, operate in freedom, hope and joy, as you release the heart of the Lord to His people. My desire is that this course would be the catalyst to propel you into your prophetic destiny!

If you feel like your voice has been quashed or inhibited, it is time to break free and move ahead in freedom and take ahold of the destiny the Lord has for you. It is imperative in this hour for our individual voice to become a collective shout and I'd love to have you join the team today! Nations depend on it!

If you feel like the outworking of prophecy hasn't produced life in you, I'd love to teach you how to walk in the fullness of joy in the Holy Ghost, as the kindness of the Father is revealed to you in greater glory.


For livestream schedule, please continue below, including a FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Livestream Schedule

All livestream sessions will be on Friday at 10:00am Brisbane, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Session recordings will be available immediately following each livestream so if you're unable to join us live, no problem.

To convert the times to your exact location, please use the Time zone Convertor. Please use the session dates to account for any daylight savings time changes.

Course Schedule
Week 1:
10am - 11am(ish) Friday 29 July
Week 2: 
10 am - 11am(ish) Friday 5 August
Week 3:
10am - 11am(ish) Friday 12 August
Week 4:
10am - 11am(ish) Friday 19 August
Week 5:
10am - 11am(ish) Friday 26 August
Week 6:
10am - 11am(ish) Friday 2 September
Week 7:
 10am - 11am(ish) Friday 9 September
Week 8: 10am - 11am(ish) Friday 16 September

Pricing (All prices are in Australian dollars)
Online course: $80


Sarah Cheesman with special guests Katherine Ruonala and Rebecca Damianopoulos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each session?
Each session will run for approximately 1hr. - 1hr., 15mins. (including ministry time and Q&A).

Do you use Zoom for livestream?
Yes, our sessions will be livestreamed via Zoom on the YouTube platform. Student interaction will be through the live chat.

What are the livestream times in my city?
As provided above, please use the Timezone Convertor to find the exact time in your location, using the date of the session to take into account any time changes that may apply due to Daylight Savings.

What if I can't make the livestream?
All our sessions are recorded and will be available for replay immediately following the session. If you can't make the livestream or would like to rewatch the session, or scroll to any particular points you have missed, this will be available after each session.

What are the weekly requirements?
In order to get the most out of the course, there will be very basic tasks set for you to complete in your own time with the Lord. This will be the outworking of what is taught each week. These won't be followed up but will be for your own benefit as the course progresses.

What if I've read through the information and still can't find answers to to the question I have?
If you haven't been able to find answers to your questions from this page, please email